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Pastoral Council:

Providing Counsel to Pastor

Meets 2nd Tuesday - 7:00PM

Contact:  Chair, Gerard Gramlich at:


Pastoral Council Standing Committee:


Readers (lectors) at Mass

Altar Servers

 Altar Linens



Flowers/ environment

Contact:  Barbara Wanamaker at:


Liturgical Music:

Cantors at Mass

Choirs at Mass


Celebration of life choir

Contact:  Anna Jedd (Director of Music)


Community Life (promotes social events):

Coffee/and after Mass

Parish Picnic

International Night


Contact: Nancy Schneider at:

                Marguerite DeFrancesco at:


Social Justice (promotes social justice of the Church)


Homefront Day (fixing houses for elderly and poor)

Guest speakers on needs of the Naugatuck valley

Oxford- Seymour Food Bank

Lenten Soup Suppers/ speakers

Contact: Marcia Franco at


Buildings and Grounds (helping support church buildings/environment)

Caring for Flowers/ shrubs/ trees/painting

Contact: David Manning at

Stewardship Committee (promoting parishioners to share their faith)

Contact: Steve Schneider at


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