The Parish of St. Thomas expresses our deep appreciation to Cheryl Williams for over twenty-one years of faithful service as Church secretary.  We wish her and her husband Christ’s blessings and love as they relocate to their new home in South Carolina!


We welcome Debbie Benham as our new secretary for the parish.  She has been Senior Administrative Assistant and Financial services for sixteen years at Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company in Shelton. She looks forward to meeting our parishioners and sharing her many gifts with St. Thomas the Apostle Church.


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Established in September 1966, St. Thomas has celebrated more than 50 years as a welcoming, Christian community.


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Archbishop Blair’s Letter
On the Celebration of Sunday Mass
Beginning, Sunday, July 5, 2020
At St. Thomas the Apostle parish

The following is an abridged addition of requirements for those attending Sunday Masses in

the Archdiocese of Hartford beginning July 4th , 2020.

- “No social gatherings either before or after Mass, including the parking lot.

- All members of the Congregation need to wear masks. [People who claim an exemption for a legitimate health reason

(one that does not pose a risk to others) may forego wearing the mask.

- No congregational singing at all, since singing has been shown to spread the disease easily.

Health experts indicate that singing produces 6-10 times more droplets from our mouths than recitation.


- There should be no holding of hands during the Our Father and no invitation to exchange a sign of peace.

- All Communion lines should be single file, with people wearing masks, approaching row by row and keeping six feet apart, except for family members.

Neither the priest nor the communicants should wear gloves during the distribution of Holy Communion.

- Communicants will receive the consecrated host in their hand, step to the side, lower their mask, consume the host,

replace the mask, and return to their pew.

- Tape on the floor should indicate where to stand as a communicant approaches to receive Communion.

There also will be tape on the floor to who where to stand to unmask, and consume the host,

and arrows showing how to return to the pews.

- At the end of Mass people should observe safe distancing in exiting, pew by pew.

- Communion on the tongue should be excluded for the sake of the health of others,

with the understanding that it will be allowed at a later date when it is safe to do so.”


- Because we cannot allow more than 100 congregants at Mass- please choose

Mass least attended (7:30AM or 11:00AM) Avoid the Vigil Mass.


- For Catholics who may choose not to attend a weekend Mass, a

dispensation has been granted until September 6, 2020.














During these unprecedented times we are so very grateful

to parishioners who have continued to send in your weekly

church offertory donations.


Your generosity assists us in maintaining our weekly operating costs.
We also have for your convenience, an Online Giving Program. Using this
program helps reduce our cost and saves you postage and time.


You can find the link here

This will bring you to their website to register.

Contact the office for further information if needed.




















The Seymour-Oxford food bank is in need of

the following items this month:

-Hamburger Helper
-Flour ( 1 & 2 lbs )
-Peanut Butter ( 16 oz. )
-Bar Soap

There is a drop off box in the Church vestibule. The Church will continue

to remain open  for personal prayer Saturday through Thursday morning.


St. Thomas the Apostle Church is a caring, welcoming, Christian community experiencing God through the spirit of warmth, belonging, and joy.


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