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The St. Thomas the Apostle Bereavement Ministry
Purpose:  To provide support for adults grieving the loss

of a loved one through a variety of ways. 



St. Thomas the Apostle has trained
Bereavement Facilitators:

 MaryJane Calladio 

Gigi Pohl
Elizabeth Ward

Lorene Anderson

Carole Cass

Carol Flament (Retired)

New Day Bereavement Program

St. Thomas the Apostle Church Parish Center

How is support given?

Monthly Support Groups

10 week New Day Program

Good Grief Seminar

Through the above venues, the Bereavement Ministry seeks to provide a safe place where the bereaved can gain an understanding of the grief process, have the opportunity to talk through their experiences, and explore their thoughts and feelings with others who are also grieving the loss of a loved one. Doing so will assist the bereaved in working through their grief on their journey to healing so that they will be able to enjoy a happy and productive life with memories of their loved one.

Monthly support groups meet during the day and evening in the Parish Center at St. Thomas the Apostle Church and through Zoom Virtual Meetings.

Monthly Bereavement Meetings In-Person


Tuesday, February 8th RSVP by February 4th

Wednesday, February 16th RSVP by February 12th

Tuesday, March 8th RSVP by March 4th

Wednesday, March 16th RSVP by March 12th

Tuesday, April 12th RSVP by April 8th

Wednesday, April 20th RSVP by April 16th

Tuesday, May 10th RSVP by May 6th

Wednesday, May 18th RSVP by May 14th

Tuesday, June 14th RSVP by June 10th

Wednesday, June 15th RSVP by June 11th

Tuesday, July 12th RSVP by July 8th

Wednesday, July 20th RSVP by July 16th

Tuesday, August 9th RSVP by August 5th

Wednesday, August 17th RSVP by August 13th

Tuesday, September 13th RSVP by September 9th

Wednesday, September 21st RSVP by September 17th

Tuesday, October 11th RSVP by October 7th

Wednesday, October 19th RSVP by October 15th

Tuesday, November 8th RSVP by November 4th

Wednesday, November 16th RSVP by November 12th

Tuesday, December 13th RSVP by December 9th

Wednesday, December 21st RSVP by December 17th


Monthly Bereavement Meetings – Zoom


Monday, February 21st RSVP by February 17th

Monday, March 21st RSVP by March 17th

Monday, April 18th RSVP by April 14th

Monday, May 16th RSVP by May 12th

Monday, June 20th RSVP by June 16th

Monday, July 18th RSVP by July 14th

Monday, August 15th RSVP by August 11th

Monday, September 19th RSVP by September 15th

Monday, October 17th RSVP by October 13th

Monday, November 21st RSVP by November 17th

Monday, December 19th RSVP by December 15th

All Meetings must be RSVP’d In-Person Meetings, masks are required.

RSVP to Maryjane at 203-888-2382 ext 104 or

The New Day Program is a structured 10 week program using the book, “The New Day Journal “ written by Mauryeen O’Brien.  Through reflections, readings, journaling, and sharing, participants work through the grieving process. The New Day Program gives participants the tools to move through their grief.  It gives them a way to understand, accept and move toward a life without their loved one; a life where they can be happy and satisfied.


The Good Grief Seminar is a prelude to New Day.  It is a power point presentation describing the many facets of the grief process followed by a question and answer period.


New Day Bereavement Program 

St. Thomas the Apostle Church Parish Center

733 Oxford Rd. Oxford, CT

Those who are grieving the death of a loved one need to

proactively work through their grief. One way that may be

helpful is to participate in the bereavement support group

called the New Day Program. This program consists of

ten two-hour weekly meetings. During each meeting,

participants work through one component of the grieving

process, guided by the New Day Journal.

We will be offering two sessions. Session A: Zoom Starts

Tuesday, July 5th from 6:30-8:30pm.
Session B: In Person Starts Wednesday, July 6th from 1-3pm.

Registration is required for both sessions. Must RSVP by

June 30th. If you would like to register, please contact

Maryjane at 203-888-2382 ext 104 or























Congratulations to Carol Flament on the publication of her new book,

“Journeying to New Life With The Bereaved”


Carol has facilitated bereavement support groups here at St. Thomas for over 20 years.

Carol holds an M.S. in Educational Research and was trained to facilitate bereavement groups by Sister Mauryeen O’Brien, author of the New Day Journal.


A former adjunct professor for a course titled “Death, Dying and Bereavement,” she has always loved interacting with people and helping them work through their challenges. With this handbook she hopes to reach out to others who may also be interested in helping the bereaved. 


     What have past participants said about their experiences

with the bereavement ministry?

  "I found the New Day Program to be exactly what it was intended to be...a JOURNEY from grief to healing. It allowed time for the person grieving to do just that - without judgement from others, but rather with much love and support from complete strangers who could identify with my needs. Each week's meeting became: "a place to listen, yet be heard." "a place to cry, yet also laugh." "a place to find peace, yet never be over your loss." "a place to create lifelong friendships." I recommend taking the time for YOU as you work through this process."


 "I am grateful for the Grief Group. They helped me grieve and heal with the death of my parents. I spread the good news of the Grief Group how wonderful they are and how it is to go through the grieving process with others."


"Thank you for talking when we were all crying, thank you for listening when we were all sharing, thank you for your patience, understanding and compassion."


 "Thank you Grief Group for helping me through those dark times."

St. Thomas the Apostle Church has an extensive bereavement library.  It is open from 9:30-2:00pm Monday through Friday for all parishioners and participants of the bereavement support groups.  If you would like a book reserved and cannot come during the open hours, please contact Maryjane at 203-888-2382 ext 104 to make arrangements.

Click here to see our library

“Those of us who are strong and able
in the faith need to step in and
lend a hand to those who falter …

Each one of us needs to look after
the good of  people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help.”

~ Romans 15:1-2 MSG



In this season of thanksgiving and gratitude we thank
Carol Flament. Over twenty years ago a call went out at St. Thomas the Apostle Church.  “There is need for a bereavement ministry.  Can anyone help?”  Carol was one of those fine, unselfish people who stepped forward to begin a new ministry that would provide help and support to those grieving the loss of a loved one.


Carol has been a driving force as a lead facilitator in this ministry.  With a sympathetic ear, an encouraging word and a warm hug she has been a friend and mentor to many, many people suffering the tragic loss of a loved one not only within our Church community but neighboring towns.


This month, after over twenty years Carol is stepping away from the Bereavement Ministry to pursue other interests.  You will be missed, Carol.  You have used countless opportunities within this Ministry to share a kind word and lend a helping hand.  Thank you.  We wish you well in your new pursuits.


Carol Flament Thank You Card.jpg
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